Welcome Home

So I’m new to blogging, and I hope not to bore you, but I thought it would be fun to journal my transition from work to home. A little background – let’s see… I worked for the same company for over 11 years, 10 of which were full time. I have been juggling (and failing miserably) working, mothering, house cleaning (really failing here), homeschooling, cooking, shopping, and trying to fit in being a good wife. Some days went well, and others ended up in many tears – most of which were mine.

After years of praying whether I was to quit my job, the Lord finally made it clear to me. I think I had to set aside my selfish reasons for wanting to leave that job. I needed to be ready to do what He wanted me to do. So in November, I gave my notice to quit.

My last day at work was February 28.* I have spent most of my time embracing my role. The rooms have been reorganized and shuffled around and reorganized again. We find ourselves wandering around at times trying to remember which room the desk is in now. 🙂

I’m already working on meal plans, lesson plans, DIY projects, and more — all the things I never felt I had time for before.

*My disclaimer: I do still work a couple of nights as a server at a local restaurant, and I will begin an additional part time data entry job in a few weeks. It’s not quite “full-time” at home, but a significant improvement. 🙂


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