The dreaded budget

With the decrease of income, hubby and I had to rework our budget.  Being told my spending is being limited is never fun, but every time I ask, “where else can we make cuts?”

When we knew the job change was coming, we got right on refinancing the house.  We were able to get some cash out of the house to pay some bills, and reduce the payment a little.  Small savings, but every dollar counts now. 🙂

Since refinancing the house and picking up the serving job on the weekends, we’ve been able to pay off nearly $13,000 in debt.  This cut a huge chunk out of our bills which was helpful.  At one point, our minimum payments were about $800 per month.  Yikes!  (We have one card to go and I’m hoping to have that one paid down within the next calendar year, continuing to work weekends at the restaurant.) 

The other two areas we were able to cut back were gas and groceries.  Gas was easy, given that my commuting days are behind me – saving $300 per month.  Groceries was a little trickier, trying to feed a family of 6 – saving $150 monthly.  (I will share more on that in a later post)  All in all we were able to make the budget work – on paper, that is. 🙂

Any additional expenses for “fun money” is going to have to come from outside resources such as garage sales and reselling larger items on craigslist.  Now I just have to make it my goal to stick to that budget going.  (And I will probably have to get tougher on the kids with turning the lights off. ;))


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