Good intentions, no time

I had these grand plans to blog regularly.  I even have a reminder set so I’ll know when a week has passed.  But alas, reality has set in and I realize that even a SAHM doesn’t always have TIME. 

My husband went out of town for 8 days, taking my 6 y/o with him.  I had great ideas for what I would accomplish when they were gone.  But my 3 y/o had other plans for me… starting with getting sick right before they left.  This made him very clingy.  Plus, his daily partner in crime was gone so he wanted my FULL attention during the day.  On the third day, I woke up sick myself, probably thanks to the coughing in the face from the 3 y/o.

I did manage to get the bathroom painted while they were gone, and paint purchased for the office.  And I suppose getting a garage sale done on Saturday was quite the feat, too.  At the end of the week, however, I still feel like there was so much left undone.  No grocery shopping had been done while they were away.  As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I only cooked dinner twice in a  7 day span.  But no one went hungry so they can’t complain.

On a side note, fresh paint on the walls always reminds me how dirty my floors and baseboards are. 


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