Mom’s Night Out

Went to see a movie last night with my husband: Mom’s Night Out. It’s a comedy (I highly recommend) but it left me in tears, both the good and bad kind.

It opened with a SAHM expressing how frustrated she feels with her failures as a mom. This is SO spot on with how I’ve been feeling over the past few months. (I keep feeling like my adjustment period should be ending soon, but here I am still feeling like I suck at my job day after day.)

Now, of course, the mom’s night the ladie’s planned went nothing like how they thought. What could go wrong did. But the laughs kept coming- I had tears streaming down my face and an ache in my side.

So, the moral of the story? I need to stop comparing myself to the other mothers around me. Stop comparing my home to theirs. I just need to focus on taking care of my babies, my husband, and my home the way the Lord is leading us because this is where he has me. But also remember to put on my oxygen mask first so I can take care of them. 😉


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