Another season begins

Here we are at the beginning of another school year. I have three kids starting up this week. It’s fun because this will be the first full school year that I have been home — Ever. I have been working full time since my oldest started kinder…

My oldest is starting 11th grade. (Man, that alone will add more gray to my head) She is a piece of cake, though. She is so independent and self motivated that I just check in once in a while to make sure she’s progressing at a good pace.

Then there is the 7th grader. He’s my tough cookie, you know, the one you have to beg and bribe to get ANY school work done. And even then, there is a melt down at least once a week.

My 1st grader just LOVES school. The day the books were picked up, she sat down and started right in on the reading workbook. She did workbooks just for fun all summer long.

Of course, I have my 4 y/o. He is so used to having someone to play with constantly. It’ll be an adjustment for him, and me, trying to find fun things to occupy him. My goal is to not stick him in front of the TV – educational or not.

So I have my hands full, but I’m looking forward to getting things organized and start pacing out the year. Things are already feeling a little hectic outside of school (soccer and such, but that’s another post all by itself). I need to find some time this week to put the rest of the school room together and — who am I kidding, there’s no time. Haha. We’ll figure it out, one day at a time.


Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it’s off to camp we go!

I should be packing the car. I should be cleaning the house in preparation for the housesitter. I should be planning the “what-to-dos” for vacation. But here I sit, surrounded by list after list of what I SHOULD be doing.

We are heading out on an adventure this morning. Yosemite. Camping. Bears. It really is quite an adventure for our family. Our last camping experience was not so good (it would take a whole other page to tell THAT story), and neither R or myself are really the outdoors type.

I made the mistake of reading all about BEARS. I wanted to be prepared. But now I’m becoming paranoid. I read that they can smell the crumbs in the car seats! How do people with kids SURVIVE this? What if the have ketchup on the clothes they bring into the tent? What if my 12 y/o tries to hide candy bar in his tent? (Because he would)

Time to stop being paranoid and just go. Focus instead on the wonderful things my family is going to experience, the memories we will make together. We’re reading Peter Pan on the drive up. Yes, read – not watch. I want to enjoy 5 days of no TV or video games. Just books and card games. And nature, even if it means mosquitos and bears.